Tuesday, 11 October 2011


Sooo, here's a short update. Not really an update though. But i don't know what to do with all these albums..

So, what do you guys think i should do with it? :/

I actually lost one of my DBSK albums. Oh god i am so mad and sad and annoyed at the same time.

Monday, 3 October 2011


Hahaha looks like I haven't been blogging for a week! I was too lazy to blog. Plus I don't know what to write. Haven't come up with an interesting topic to blog, soooo yeah.. Today's blog post will be something random.. Girl's stuff? Lol.

Ok anyway, one of my guy friend asked me to do T-Ara Jiyeon's make up. It was so weird when he asked me to do her make up. I was like huh? But I did it yesterday anyway :D

They said I look like Jiyeon in the first pic. LOL maybe it's the eye make up and the camera angle.

And then, I also did my nails yesterday. A really simple one.

I kinda like it. Hahaha. 

Oh and last week, i made this. UKISS nails. Lol.

It's abit messy but whatever, bye! 

Sunday, 25 September 2011

Korean Music Wave 2011.

So, i went for the Korean Music Wave yesterday in KL which was held at Stadium Merdeka. This is actually my second concert. First was Super Junior's Super Show II. And oh my God, let me tell you this, it's freaking amazing.. Just be cause U-KISS is performing hahaha. I wouldn't go for KMW if U-KISS isn't coming.

Went to KL at 1 plus. It's really late, i know. My dad has work to do. Reached at 4 plus and went to a mall in  Bangsar to have lunch in Chilis! That's not really lunch i guess lol.. Ok time for pictures!

As you can see, bought the RM288 ticket. 

Bought these U-KISS wristbands. 2 for 10 bucks. So pretty, i'm gonna wear it everyday :D

The stage! 

So many people bought the RM188 ticket!! It has a better view actually. 

Kevin & Dongho as the MCs.

First group to perform was FT. Island.

And then i forgot who performs next. Lol i'll just post the pictures.. It's EXTREMELY blur though. 

This is Teen Top. Omg they are really skinny and tiny! Hahaha. Chunji is really cute. And he looks like Kevin from U-KISS. Maybe it's just me who thinks that

4 Minute.

GD & T.O.P

No pictures of U-KISS though cuz i video cam-ed their performances. 

U-KISS performing Bingeul Bingeul.

This is 0330 & ManManHaNi. 

Video is EXTREMELY blur and small, idk how to enlarge it wtf.

No pictures of Park Jungmin and Seungri though cuz i was really lazy to take pics.

There's this really stupid guard who doesn't allow fans to take pictures.. Oh god i'm so annoyed. I mean, i think it's ok for fans to take pictures without flash, right? What's the freakin big deal about it? I was caught like a few times hahaha and ever since he kept looking at my place.. Whatever. 

So when it was U-KISS's turn to perform, i went at the back ( not really far from my seat) to video cam their performances and hahaha literally screamed my head off!!! Omg can't believe i saw Kiseop :D 

But they had to go back to Korea right after their performance! So sad :( Most of the artist sang around four songs. It was really high when GD and TOP were performing. Fans stood on their chairs wtf. Those assholes were blocking our (me and my mum's) view so we had to stand on our chairs too. I think most of the fans came to meet GD and TOP.. 

Concert ended at 10 plus. Fans demanded for encore, but there isn't any!!! HAHAHAHA. 

Anyway, bought U-KISS's 0330 mini album for ONLY 27 bucks!!

Comes with a photo booklet.

And then you can like write some notes in it.. I don't know what to do with this booklet because no way am i gonna scribble shits in this booklet. Lol.

Didn't take alot of pictures because what's the point of taking LOADS AND LOADS of pictures when all you do is look at the camera screen when taking pictures?! It's like you're watching them on TV. 

Anyways, went back at around 12 and reached home at freaking 2AM!!! Cuz my parents don't really wanna spend a night in KL. So yeah, happy happy day :DD

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Kids These Days..

I'm really amazed by 14 year old kids and their photoshop skills these days. Like wtf i don't even know how to use photoshop. The only photo editor i know how to use it Pic freakin Nik. Wait...I don't even have a photoshop software. Fail..

So, i'm just wondering where the hell did they learn how to photoshop. I don't think it's easy cuz you have to balance everything. You wouldn't want the other eye to be bigger than the other eye, right? That would be rather embarrasing..

But i think it's okay if people photoshop a little and they still look the same in person. You know, some people tend to photoshop their face to the extend where they look so different in person. And when they meet their internet friends, they'll hide all over the places. And i'm all like..

Dude, U MAD?! What's the point of photoshop-ing your face and then try to hide when you see your friends? Too embarassed? Haha. Doesn't make sense at all.. Might as well stay at home, sit infront of the computer 24/7 photoshop-ing your face, admire your own pictures, and then die. Hahahahaha. No, i'm serious.

Worst, some girls photoshop their eyes so freakin big it looks like this.. (Okay, maybe i'm exaggerating a little)

And i'm all like..

What in the world is wrong with you?! Unless you wanna be Lady Gaga, stop photoshop-ing your eyes till it looks so darn huge.. Also, guys will definitely be jealous cuz your eye ball is bigger than their balls..

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Leopard Print Nails.

Soooo, today i decided to paint my own nails with leopard prints again! Haha i officially love leopard prints cuz it's so pretty!

I actually messed up a little :( But whatever! I think it still looks ok? 

Anyways it's super easy to do! I learnt it from YouTube btw :D

Wednesday, 14 September 2011

A Dream.

So yesterday i had this really weird dream about, i don't know, me and my friends? It's really weird i don't even know how to say lol. We were sleeping in this hospital? Looks like a hospital to me. Where most of the people there were posessed? Hahaha i know damn, it's weird and scary at the same time like wtf people were vomitting and stuff.

I also dreamt of other stuff but lol i don't feel like telling haha. I actually woke up at 8am today but i slept back until 12.30 wtf.

Anyway, i was hungry last night so i made this :

You guys should totally try making this! It's cream cracker (not exactly cream crackers but it's called Water biscuit?) topped with cheese and blueberry jam! Goes really well with strawberry jam too. Whatever it is, you guys should give it a try :D

So, the KMW Concert is 10 days away! I am sosososo excited! Yes yes, i know i already said that a billion times. But i can't help it.

Can't wait to see U-KISS perform live for the first time. I actually missed their fan meeting on June due to my National freaking Service! *annoyed* And can you guys imagine me going to the KMW Concert with my mum? She kinda likes K-Pop too. That's a good thing right? :D So i asked her, what if i scream during the concert? And she's like 'go ahead and scream'. Haha you gotta admit i have the coolest mum ever!

Haha so who's going?! Tell me tell me!

Hmm i thought of making a step by step tutorial on how to do these leopard printed nails. Just because i am too free.

Should i?

Tuesday, 13 September 2011


Today i'm gonna be blogging about people who lends stuff from other people but don't give a damn to return it back.

Yeah, what in the world is wrong with you guys?! 

I will never ever understand these kind of people. Okay, maybe money is still acceptable but other stuff like clothes, bags etc etc! Are you like too poor to buy your own clothes till you don't wanna return it back to people? Maybe.. Or do you pretend to act stupid and wait till your friends forget about you borrowing their stuff and then you eventually own their sutff? Haha stupid. 

This actually happens to me too. I have a friend from high school ( i don't even know where the hell is she now) who tends to borrows clothes from me. Not one or two, but a few pieces of clothes. She don't even bother giving it back to me. I don't want to borrow it to her, but i'm the type of person who doesn't have the guts to say NO. Oh well.. 

And also people who don't ask permission when using other people's stuff. And i'm all like..

You guys don't have a mouth? What is so hard about it? Come on guys.. What's the difference between stealing and not asking for someone's permission? I guess it's pretty much the same? Unless you're dumb, please, just fucking ask people's permission before using their stuff. 

Also, I will be saying mean things in my blog. So don't be offended. Or else i will feel bad! I'm serious. But i just had to say it cuz it's the fact. Waaaaait, why would i even think that way. It's ma blog. I say whatever i want. 

This is for you people who don't bother returning stuff and don't bother asking permission. Yeah, FUUUUU.